Affordable Health care

In the world’s richest country, nobody should die because health care is unaffordable. I will fight to expand and strengthen Medicare for all Americans, to achieve three essential goals: universal coverage, quality care, and affordability.

Strong Schools

Unaffordable childcare and higher education are strangling American families, while Betsy DeVos tries to voucherize public education. My priorities? Expand access to child care, defend our public schools, and make college affordable for all.

Combatting The Opioid Crisis

Opioid addiction kills 115 Americans every day. We need strong action, now. I’ll fight to expand access to addiction treatment services, boost federal investment in rural hospitals, and address the social crisis behind the epidemic.


Hoosiers know how selling off infrastructure projects ends: years late and millions over budget, like I-69. We need real investment in infrastructure that will create good-paying jobs and improve our roads, schools, and rural internet.

Energy and The Environment

Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity, and clean energy jobs are the future of Indiana’s economy. Let’s use the Clean Power Plan, anti-pollution rules, and a carbon tax to defend our zero-emissions future.

Good Jobs

Union-busting, crumbling infrastructure, and stagnant wages have left working families behind while CEO pay increases every year. I will demand investment in our workforce and higher wages for working people.



I have spent my career defending women’s rights on the job. I’ll demand full funding for the Violence Against Women Act, respect for women’s control of their own health care, and economic security for working women.

Medical Marijuana

Eighty percent of Americans support allowing medical cannabis. Research shows that it reduces opioid overdoses. Congress should legalize marijuana at the federal level, and let the states make their own decisions on this important issue.

LGBTQ Rights

LGBTQ youth are more than twice as likely to attempt suicide. That’s unacceptable. Congress should ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, act against school bullying, and protect transgender members of the military.

Standing Up for Veterans

Even with 45,000 vacant positions, the Veterans’ Administration remains popular and trusted with our vets. We should be funding the VA so that it can fill those vacancies, and – above all – defending it from privatization.


Criminal Justice Reform

Overincarceration, especially of people of color, is a national crisis. By reforming sentencing, legalizing medical marijuana, supporting disconnected youth, and passing “ban the box” legislation, we can build a safer and fairer society for all.

Immigration Reform

Our immigration policies should reflect our values: hard work, family, and compassion. I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform, including a clean DREAM Act, a pathway to citizenship, and humane, cost-effective enforcement procedures.

Affordable Housing

More than eleven million Americans spend more than half their income on rent. That has to change. By raising the cap on the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, we will create 400,000 new affordable housing units.

Campaign Finance Reform

How can we believe our government works for us when our elections are practically for sale? I support matching federal funds for small-dollar donations, and a constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United court decision.

HOosier Common Sense on Guns

In a gun violence epidemic, we don’t have to choose between the Second Amendment and our children’s safety. I’ll stand for the Constitution, and for common-sense reforms like universal background checks and assault weapons restrictions.