Meet Liz Watson

Liz Watson is running for Congress because she wants to bring good jobs, affordable health care, and high-quality public education to Indiana’s working families. Liz has fought for Hoosiers in the nation’s capitol, and she has seen the dysfunction in Washington up close. Liz believes it’s unacceptable that working people are being left behind by politicians who would rather stand up for special interests than for Hoosiers.

Liz has led and won important fights throughout her legal career to help hardworking people get high-quality, good-paying jobs. As a working mom, Liz understands that today's families need affordable health care, high-quality child care, predictable schedules, paid sick days and family leave, and fair pay. She has written policies to raise the minimum wage, protect working people from being cheated out of their pay, and to create pathways to the middle class.

Liz learned the values of hard work and fair play the old-fashioned way. She worked the cash register at Fazoli’s, waitressed at Steak ‘n’ Shake, and sold clothing at L.S. Ayres. Through these experiences, she learned the value of a dollar while saving for college.

Liz’s roots in Indiana date back to the Civil War, when her great-great grandfather fought for the Union from Huntington, Indiana. She comes from generations of hardworking Hoosiers:  a postal inspector, carpenter, refrigerator and electrical repairman, teachers, and the owner of the Feed and Grain Store in Shoals.

It’s wrong that today Indiana families who work hard and play by the rules struggle to keep their heads above water.  Liz believes we should invest in workforce training and in the future of our young people, especially in proven models like apprenticeship, make community college and universities more affordable, and support our small business job-creators.

Liz gets results.  When she learned that pregnant women working in retail jobs were being told they couldn’t make simple changes at work like carrying a water bottle or being able to sit down during a long shift, despite doctors’ orders, she filed a complaint and got the policy changed. Fighting for working people and the right to organize has been the hallmark of Liz’s career and continues to motivate her to serve her community.

For too long, Congress has done everything to help special interest billionaires and little to help Main Street. Liz will work to get hardworking Hoosiers a long overdue raise, fight against trade deals that threaten Hoosier manufacturing, support small businesses, help people juggle work and family life, and protect public education and affordable health insurance–including for those fighting the grips of opioid addiction.

Liz and her husband Craig are both teaching at Indiana University. Their two young children are attending the same elementary school that Liz attended as a child, and they love spending time with Liz’s parents who live a few miles away.  

Liz brings the experience and drive that we need to win for Hoosiers in Congress, and she will never stop fighting for Indiana’s families.