The Continuing Criticism Of Trey Hollingsworth (Indianapolis Monthly)

When Hollingsworth ran for Indiana’s ninth congressional district seat in 2016, many accused him of having little connection with the Hoosier state. As he runs for reelection this fall, some say that problem has actually gotten worse.

Can Liz Watson ride the blue wave past U.S. Rep. Trey Hollingsworth in the midterm? (Louisville Courier Journal)

"I haven't heard much buzz about the race," said Gardenour, a registered Republican. "But it seems like it hasn't been as intense as in past years, and I don't know why." If you ask Democratic challenger Liz Watson, the blame is on freshman incumbent Trey Hollingsworth, whom she said is doing everything to avoid her and the voters ahead of the Nov. 6 general election.

Bernie Sanders to speak on IU campus in support of House candidate (Indiana Daily Student)

Liz Watson, the Democratic candidate for Indiana's 9th Congressional District, will appear alongside Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, next month at a campaign rally on campus. The rally, featuring the senator and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, will take place at 11 a.m. Oct. 19 in Dunn Meadow, Watson's campaign confirmed Thursday. 

Hollingsworth didn't pinky swear, but... (News and Tribune)

You have a responsibility to your constituents, and I’m one of them. My expectation is that you keep your word. You said you were open to debating, and numerous groups have expressed a willingness to host. It’s hard to believe all of them don’t measure up to your predetermined standards of host-worthiness.

This new crop of Democratic candidates is targeting Wall Street (Washington Post)

A decade after the financial meltdown, Washington policymakers are focused on how far to go rolling back post-crisis restrictions on the industry at the heart of it. This crop of candidates wants to shove the debate in the other direction, finding new ways to curb what they call ongoing excesses. 

Letter to the Editor (Herald-Times)

To the editor: Trey Hollingsworth refuses to debate Liz Watson for the same reason Todd Young refuses to debate in Bloomington: Fear. Hollingsworth would have as much trouble defending his stance denying affordable health care as Young would have defending gun manufacturers against school children.