Liz Watson's Statement on the House Passing the Tax Bill Today

Bloomington, IN -- Moments ago, the United States House of Representatives passed a sweeping alteration to the U.S. tax code. What they called reform is actually a scam. It's an outrage that our Representative Trey Hollingsworth voted for this, and it is even more of an outrage that he refuses to meet with his constituents to explain himself. 

The bill that multi-millionaire Hollingsworth supports will benefit only the very rich. Over 80 percent of the tax cuts will benefit the top 1 percent. By 2027, it will raise taxes on 53 percent of Americans. 

At the same time, it starves our country and our state of resources we need to rebuild our roads, bridges, and highways, invest in child care assistance and education, and make healthcare affordable and available to every American. 

This so-called tax "reform" is in fact a gigantic tax cut designed mainly to benefit corporations and the super-rich. For most of us, the bill promises minuscule tax reductions that are set to expire in 2027. After that, most of our taxes will go up, even though the cuts in the corporate and estate taxes will be permanent. 

The bill will cost the U.S. Treasury $1.5 trillion dollars. So how do Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Trey Hollingsworth propose to cover the shortfall? Republicans have already announced plans to attack Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security next. 

What's more, at a time when more Americans need access to affordable health care, the tax bill, by ending the health care individual mandate, will leave nearly 30,000 people in the 9th district, and 13 million Americans overall, without health insurance coverage. 

This is not fairness. It rips off hardworking Americans to make the rich even richer! This is all to satisfy the GOP's wealthy corporate donors. 

This past Monday morning, December 18th, I showed up in Scottsburg at an event that Rep. Hollingsworth had scheduled for 7:15 a.m. Citizens from across the 9th district joined me there, bright and early, to deliver a petition--signed by more than 500 constituents in just two days--calling on Rep. Hollingsworth to vote against the tax bill. Our group included a construction worker, teachers, health care workers, a barbershop owner, a cancer survivor, a mom trying to put two kids through college, retirees and students, all united for one purpose: to tell their Congressman that they oppose the tax scam and want a fair deal for working families. 

Hollingsworth canceled the event. Nonetheless, we stood together outside in the col and dark to share our concerns. We did that because we take democracy, and the importance of having a representative who listens to our concerns, seriously. I announced that I will hold a town hall on tax reform on January 11. Everyone is welcome. This tax law is an affront to democracy. Every Hoosier should be outraged. I know that I am. We deserve better. And that is why I am running for Congress.