Labor Leaders Rally In Bloomington To Keep Jobs In Indiana

Union supporters gathered in front of a shuttered General Electric plant in Bloomington Tuesday to hear local and statewide labor leaders demand higher paying jobs in Indiana.

Much of the event focused on manufacturing jobs sent overseas and the push for a $15 minimum wage.

Liz Watson, Democratic candidate for the 9th congressional district in the 2018 election, spoke out in support of a bill to prevent companies with government contracts from shipping call center jobs overseas.

“I stand with Sen. Donnelly and his support for federal legislation that would keep our call center jobs in southern Indiana and in the U.S.,” Watson says. “And I stand in support of state legislation that would do the same thing.”

Chuck Jones, a retired labor leader who clashed with President Trump over layoffs at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis last year, criticized President Trump’s handling of the matter.

“People thought at that point in time when he kept saying I saved over 11-hundred jobs, they were gonna have a job, only to find out from us the next day they weren’t,” Jones says.

The group Good Jobs Nation held a similar rally in Indianapolis Monday featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont).

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